Tuesday, January 6, 2015

$100 Clothing Challenge

A few weeks ago, I wrote out my goals for the new year.  I don't call them resolutions.  I don't like that.  It implies that I am resolute, unmovable.  Goals, those are the things I'm striving for, that are fluid, changeable if need be.

I really, really want to reach my goals though, many of which are financial in nature, but without any sort of PLAN on how to do that, it's unlikely they'll be met.  Which is why I added some challenges to my list.

First up is my $100 clothing challenge for our family of 5.  Not $100 for the month.  $100 for the entire year.  For five of us.  Including shoes.  $100.  My only stipulation, primarily to give myself some leeway (and to prevent mutiny), is that if we sell clothing at our annual yard sale, that money can then be put back into the kitty.

This stipulation helps encourage the girls to take better care of their clothing.  I have three clothes horses that love looking pretty and wearing new things.  But two are teenagers and leave their things on the floor constantly, forget them at practice and school, lose things all the time.  I hope that this helps them better understand that we shouldn't be a throwaway society, that our prosperity as an individual, a family or a society can be linked to how well we take care of, and appreciate, the things we already have.

This is going to be harder than I thought!!  I've already spent $7!!!

We have:
Fleece Mickey and Minnie sweatshirt for mom
Pink Champion Yoga Top for mom (not pictured)
Black Hoodie for mom
Old Navy short sleeve top for mom
Capri Yoga pants for mom
Vera Wang long sleeve top for Kiddo
Hind running pullover for Kiddo
Pink Sports Bra for Kiddo
Robe for Kiddo
Short sleeve sweater for Kiddo

(and another top that I managed to scorch right off the bat which will  now be a craft project)