Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ink, Ink, BABY!

Today my tattoo artist and I got started on the actual tattoo.  2.5 hours under the needle and we got most of the outline done.  I head back in three weeks to get the rest of the outline and the color done.  We may have a third session, but hopefully not. 

Not that I'm complaining.  Because every session that I have, I spend the night in Indy, hanging out doing whatever I want with zero interruptions or drama.  No cats, dogs, kids, dinner, husband, chemo or anything else.  If I just want to chill in the hotel room and read, that's what I do.  If I want to go shopping, that's what I do.  If I want to go to a museum, that's what I do.  No planning.  No muss.  No fuss. 

So yeah, if I have a third session, it's all good.

When we laid the template out onto my arm, she had to reduce the size to better fit my existing tattoo that she's reworking.  And THAT means that I've got an extra two inches to add something else in a little bit. 

So far, I've got my sun/moon (reworked) that represents Hubby and I.  I've got Mother Earth in goddess form, holding her pregnant belly which is the planet earth (showing Africa).  I've got an African crane, hibiscus flowers and dogwood flowers. 

I'm thinking about adding a leopard in a tree and an elephant, but that will probably be several months out.  Got to space out my tattoos lest I run out of space.


Livia said...

You're crazy and I love it!