Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kitchen Decorating- After Photos

 I **flipping**  **LOVE** my new kitchen! 
I started with a picture out of a magazine, royal blue, white and red accents.  Then I went to Joanne Fabrics to see what they had in the way of blue, white and red and totally fell in love with the fabric I used.  So I scrapped my plan and decided to go for a sort of Moroccan cafe feel.  Not including my new stove, we spent about $300-$325 for the re-do.  My budget (stove not included) was $500.  So I feel pretty damn good!  The most expensive elements were the fabric/fabric essentials:  $110.  Paint:  $90.  And those Moroccan wind chimes set me back another $60.  $35 for the new knobs on the cabinets.  Most everything else, we had on hand.
Table and chairs I dragged out of different rooms.  The "table skirt", which happens to be my FAVORITE element, came from two thrifted sheers for $2.  I hacked them in half and hung half in the window and the frilly half I secured around the table.  The chairs I painted with spray paint and the red fabric on the seat cover is some leftover from my dining room chairs. 
 I did plunk out another $4 for a calendar that better matched the kitchen!  And I've got some photographs of Moroccan architecture to mat and put between the two wind chimes.  I'm just not there yet.

Pretty stove.  Clean stove.  Bigger stove.  Happy mama.

I had two crocks sitting on the counter that I didn't want to get rid of.  For one, they're big and hard to store.  And two, I actually USE them.  This one I use for sauerkraut come summertime, so I opted to just wrap my fabric around the crock and pin in the back.  The other crock, located on the opposite side of the kitchen, is "glued" and "wallpapered".  I used water from boiled rice, soaked the fabric and then molded it to the crock.  The rice water acts as a super strong starch, holding the fabric in place/in shape.

 Love, love, LOVE my new fabric!  I debated back and forth with myself, should I get the fabric I like best or stick with my original plan.  Ultimately, the fact that this fabric was discontinued sealed the deal for me.  I knew I'd be sad and sorry if I didn't snatch it up.
 So I still needed a working kitchen with plenty of storage.  So I kelp the bookshelf but added some of my Fiestaware that I collected BK (before Kids).  I'd LOVE to use ALL of my Fiestaware, but alas, I STILL have children.  And they're clumsy.  I get irritated when they break a 50cent yard sale plate.  Imagine how PEEVED I'd be if they broke a $15 plate!
 So the oak cabinet. . . . It's big.  It takes up a ton of room.  It's not totally my style.  But it's what Nathan and I bought for ourselves one Christmas when we were first married and couldn't afford much.  Which means I had to update it!  Fabric in the panes and BOOM!  Pretty cabinet!

 Which has a TON of storage and a hole in the back for the microwave cord!

 Artwork courtesy of my middle child.  She feels SO important, having contributed to the redecorating.  And to think, she didn't even charge me for this gem! 


Mama Ds Dozen said...

Love! Love! Love!

Never heard of the Rice Water craft trick. Cool!

Love the fabric on the old oak cabinet!

Great job!

I, too, LOVE Fiesta Ware . . . but am waiting for AK (after kids) to invest in it.

:) :) :)

Amy said...

SUPER fun Heather! Love it!!! Such a cheerful and artsy space!

Livia said...

I seriously love what you did with it! And, you are waaayyyyy more creative than me with the fabric. That's a skill I just don't have. Hope maybe I inspired you in some little way. ; ) Awesome job!

Heather said...

Thanks all! I'm still totally in love with it, although now I don't have any more rooms to paint!